The yacht is maintained in excellent condition having only one owner since delivered in 2015 and has only been used privately and has the highest level of build options installed on board and an interior designed for luxury living. SPECIFICATIONS SHIPYARD FERRETI CUSTOM LINE LENGTH (LOA) 30.6M BEAM 7.25M DRAFT 1.97M GROSS TONNAGE 199GT YEAR […]

The Art of Sailing: A Must-Have Guide for the Perfect Charter Experience with Royal Spanish

Dreams come true sailing. A charter is the perfect choice if you long for an idyllic experience that offers absolute freedom, total privacy, and tailor-made luxury. And at ROYAL SPANISH, we elevate this experience to its highest level. Whether it’s for a family or friend vacation or a corporate event, renting a yacht (or chartering) […]

Build Your Dream With Royal Spanish: The Ulitmate Guide to Creating your Exclusive Yacht

What kind of yacht are you looking for? To ensure that your dream materializes precisely as you envision it, it is necessary to build it from scratch. At ROYAL SPANISH, we are pleased to accompany you in bringing your dream to life, guiding you from the initial concept to the final delivery of your yacht. […]

Strategies For Selling a Yacht: The Exclusive Royal Spanish Guide

The customer always comes first. Letting go of a yacht can be both emotional and complex. The key lies in having the guidance of authentic professionals who advocate for your interests masterfully. At ROYAL SPANISH, we will accompany you from the impeccable positioning of your yacht in the market to the successful formalization of the […]

The Power in Your Hands: Manual for Acquiring a Yacht with Royal Spanish

Turn your nautical dreams into reality. To find the ideal superyacht, it is essential to partner with a specialized company that provides advice on every aspect of this epic acquisition. At ROYAL SPANISH, we not only know how to do it, we do it masterfully. Step 1. VISUALIZING THE “IDEAL” BOAT Before getting started, it […]

Indian Ocean and South-East Asia

A destination for barefoot luxury, the Indian Ocean holds earthly paradises accessible only by sea, such as the Seychelles’ sculptural shores or the Maldives’ elegant resorts. Southeast Asia hosts a range of nations and a melting pot of cultures with vibrant architecture: Indonesia, with the world’s largest archipelago and its dazzling coral life, and Thailand, […]

Pacific Islands

“A warm place without memory.” Millions of square miles of salty solitude guard the most exotic wonders of the planet. Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, or Papua New Guinea. Here, the water compels surrender to the hypnotic rhythm of waves gently lapping the shores of the mystical islands of the South Pacific. A refuge […]


Western Mediterranean Set sail towards the essence of luxury in the Western Mediterranean, where every wave carries an elegant lifestyle and a mesmerizing coastal charm. From the inspiring views of the French Riviera to the dramatic Amalfi Coast, the captivating Balearic Islands, the serene Corsica, and the majestic Sardinia, this side of the Mediterranean is […]


“The country of water,” is how Nobel Prize laureate Gabriel García Márquez called this region of the planet. It is an endless warm paradise that unfolds across more than 7,000 captivating islands. Here lies the ever-new world of pleasure that entranced Ernest Hemingway in the Greater Antilles and the loyal winds of the British Virgin […]


From Canada’s vast expanse down to Patagonia’s enchanting landscapes, America offers a world of wonders. The early European explorers could hardly fathom the extraordinary marvels that awaited them. Today, the challenge lies not in finding them but in choosing one: indulging in succulent Maine lobsters, navigating the azure waters of the Florida Keys, or immersing […]

What means Management Services at Royal Spanish?

Royal Spanish Boat Management Services At Royal Spanish, we provide top-notch private boat management services. Whether you’re in need of crew recruitment, financial planning, maintenance, or on-site assistance, our expert team is ready and equipped to handle all your needs. Recruitment Our recruitment service involves a comprehensive process. We provide advice on crew hiring, coordinate […]

Cold Crusing

There is a place in the world where time disappears: the poles. There, meridians converge, and the most adventurous can live an experience from another planet: gliding through icy waters in kayaks, cross-country skiing in extraordinary white mountains, and the wonder of silence in the presence of magnificent whales. Amidst white landscapes, layers of pristine […]