“The country of water,” is how Nobel Prize laureate Gabriel García Márquez called this region of the planet. It is an endless warm paradise that unfolds across more than 7,000 captivating islands. Here lies the ever-new world of pleasure that entranced Ernest Hemingway in the Greater Antilles and the loyal winds of the British Virgin Islands that allure sailing enthusiasts every season. From Leeward to Windward to the Bahamas, the Caribbean exists to be enjoyed without limitations.

Discover the majesty of the Bahamas, a symphony of 760 miles composing a paradise of islands, cays, and reefs, from the imposing Grand Bahama to the serene Great Inagua, the southernmost of them all. Sail through the chain of pristine Exuma cays, spanning 100 miles of unexplored delight. Or would you prefer to relax on the deserted beaches of Long Island, with its gleaming white sand?

Immerse yourself in history in the former pirate capital of Nassau, where duty-free shops, golf courses, museums, and restaurants await you for days filled with fun. The rhythm and culture are as charmingly Caribbean as the gentle caress of the turquoise waters on the beaches. But most surprising are the residents, who exude kindness and are ready to welcome you with open arms in this corner of paradise. Let the Bahamas reveal their unique charm to you, where each mile tells a story of wonders to be discovered.

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