Venture out to explore remote places, untouched ice, and an overwhelming tranquility. The increase in travel to remote destinations such as the polar extremes of the globe is being favoured by the increase in the construction of exploration yachts and you will feel like you are on another planet, enjoying the inhospitable and solitary landscapes, surrounded by unusual fauna that will undoubtedly leave memorable moments in your retina.

Only the most adventurous and intrepid are able to venture into its icy waters. This large island is located between the Arctic sea and the Atlantic Ocean and is an autonomous region, with most of the towns and villages concentrated on the coast. In the northern part of the island you can admire the formation of beautiful icebergs. We recommend venturing into these waters during the months of June to September, when the weather conditions are at their mildest. You can visit the island of Svalbard, where you will find an old mining town famous for its shores where huge and majestic Minke whales swim. Don't miss Foster Bay, a former hunting lodge set in a vast tundra surrounded by small lakes, the perfect location to enjoy the Northern Lights from the comfort of your deck.



Visit the amazing white continent, one of the most incredible ice destinations in the world. You will enjoy fantastic experiences, with humpback whales swimming around you, seals floating on chunks of ice and penguins shooting by like bullets in the water. If you wish, the experienced crew can take you out on the tender to a mini iceberg to get a closer look. The Antarctic Peninsula is among the first areas where the ice has thinned sufficiently to allow safe navigation. It is best to sail this white paradise during the months of November to March, with December, January and February having the longest daylight hours and generally better ice conditions.