The Indian Oceanis home to some of the world's most glamorous and idyllic destinations, where you can enjoy soft white sands and turquoise waters. Be dazzled by the architecture of the elegant resorts in the Maldives or discover other treasure islands such as the Seychelles which offer distinctive and unique views thanks to huge granite rocks sculpted by the sea. Southeast Asia lies east of the Indian Ocean and south of China, surrounded by an array of nations and a melting pot of cultures. Intertwined with dazzling island-fringed landscapes, many of which are only accessible by sea with their glittering coastlines and vibrant architecture, they combine secluded serenity with an unforgettable sense of adventure, you can meet the friendly locals or take advantage of excellent diving opportunities surrounded by surreal natural beauty.

It is the largest archipelago country in the world, stretching 5,120 kilometres east to west and 1,760 kilometres north to south and has more than 17,000 islands. With uninhabited islands, volcanic crater lakes, unique cultures and incredible landscapes. An area that can only be explored by boat and where your yacht is likely to be the only sign of civilisation for miles around. Indonesia straddles the equator and forms the southern edge of the famous Coral Triangle, which boasts the world's greatest biodiversity, the Raja Ampat archipelago is the most remote and acclaimed dive destination in the world. Indonesia is a unique experience, visit local villages, hike through lush jungles with secret waterfalls or dive and explore pristine reefs teeming with fish and dazzling sea creatures. Head to Indonesia's most famous island, Bali, or marvel at the living dragons in Komodo Island National Park.



In Thailand you will get a taste of exotic adventure andunparalleled fun. Sailing through its islands with vast sandy beaches and tranquil turquoise lagoons, along with the hospitality that characterises the local people, will leave you with unique memories. Visit the golden temples or explore some of the best dive sites such as the Similan and Surin islands, where you can see beautiful  leopard sharks, octopus, and kaleidoscopic marine life. If it's tranquillity you're looking for, Koh Chang and Koh Samui offer two very different outlooks with no crowds, no hustle and bustle, anchorages all to yourself, all under a beautiful warm tropical sun. From Phuket's palm-fringed east coast sail to the mesmerising Phang Nga Bay, where great limestone fingers shoot skyward from the sapphire-coloured waters. Stop at the Emerald Cave on the way to Krabi, where you can disembark at the lively night market, with bars and lots of restaurants with fascinating and unusual culinary offerings.

They are a must-see destination for those who like barefoot luxury, experience a back to basics lifestyle, where the hardest question to answer is whether the beach behind is more beautiful than the one in front. The Maldives stretch over 107,500 kilometres and is the lowest country on earth, with an altitude of just one to three metres above sea level. Here you'll find a rich cultural diversity that is reflected in everything from music to boat building. Music is often played on a local bodu-beru, or big drum, which is quite similar to African percussion. And the Maldivian dhoni, a boat built locally by skilled craftsmen, is strikingly similar to the dhow, the traditional Arab boat. If you're passionate about exploration and discovery you can dive among colourful coral reefs and glide past manta rays and nurse sharks.



These islands are well deserving of the label "paradise". They are well known for their beautiful tropical islands with giant palm trees, sandy beaches and towering granite boulders polished by the relentless waves of the Indian Ocean. They are fringed with lush green takamakas shading the fine white sandy beaches. You'll find beautiful scenery, relaxing islands and plenty of opportunities for reef swimming. See the most photographed landscape in the Seychelles on St. Pierre Island or visit the vanilla-scented plantations at L'Union Estate on La Digue, one of the most beautiful islands in the region. Swim with giant turtles, spot exotic birds on Aride Island or enjoy a starlit dinner on the beach at Silhouette Island.