What means Management Services at Royal Spanish?

Royal Spanish Boat Management Services

At Royal Spanish, we provide top-notch private boat management services. Whether you’re in need of crew recruitment, financial planning, maintenance, or on-site assistance, our expert team is ready and equipped to handle all your needs.


Our recruitment service involves a comprehensive process. We provide advice on crew hiring, coordinate with the owner and the captain, identify candidates through our database or through crew agencies, and conduct preliminary interviews. We also organize personal interviews, assist in contract drafting, and handle contract extension and termination documents when necessary.

Medical Insurance

We arrange medical insurance for each crew member. We also control and follow-up on medical insurance reimbursement claims.

Organization of Crew Transfers

We handle crew transfers for various reasons, such as joining the vessel, end of contract repatriation, or holiday leaves.

Payment of Crew Wages

We take care of crew wage payments, either directly or through a crew payment management company.


We manage the flagging of the vessel based on the owner’s preference and coordinate with the captain for the maintenance of the flag. We handle documentation, coordinate inspections, and ensure the vessel maintains its flag.

Classification Society

We coordinate with the captain, shipyard, and classification society for periodic inspections to keep the vessel “in class”.

Boat Insurance

We coordinate the process of contracting boat insurance on behalf of the owner, which includes the contracting of the P&I club. We’ll also offer the preferential conditions that we have in our fleet.

We hire services such as satellite telephony, satellite television, mobile telephony, and any other service that the boat may need. With the whole network of Davila Group companies at disposal, the boat will have preferential conditions of service and rates.

Financial Planning and Control

Our financial planning and control service includes preparation of the vessel’s annual budget, monitoring of expenditure, controlling and organizing payment of invoices, and issuance of credit cards in the name of crew members and control of their expenditure.


We supervise and coordinate winterization/maintenance work on the vessel. This includes analysis of maintenance works, comparison of quotations, prioritization of works, organization of scheduled overhauls, and analysis of expenditure deviations with respect to the initial budget. We also handle supplies of equipment and spare parts and supervise inventories on board.

During the season, we assist the owners and crew in various aspects of boat use. This ranges from advice on itineraries, assistance in mooring management, coordination of refuelling, and assistance in solving technical problems, to assistance in the provisioning of the boat.

On-site Assistance and Charter Management

Our team provides on-site assistance wherever necessary. In case of need, we also offer a charter management service.


Building a new yacht is an exciting yet complex process in which we are delighted to work alongside you from start to finish; from the initial conception of the yacht to its delivery. Feel free to give us a call: for our clients, the possibilities are endless.