Build Your Dream With Royal Spanish: The Ulitmate Guide to Creating your Exclusive Yacht

What kind of yacht are you looking for? To ensure that your dream materializes precisely as you envision it, it is necessary to build it from scratch. At ROYAL SPANISH, we are pleased to accompany you in bringing your dream to life, guiding you from the initial concept to the final delivery of your yacht. We will gladly collaborate with you from start to finish.

Understanding that the construction of a new yacht involves an exciting yet complex process, we provide you with a highly qualified team of architects, naval engineers, captains, and chief engineers, all with extensive experience in the industry, as well as a vast network of external collaborators.

Step 1. Identification of the type of boat and definition of the main characteristics:

Before getting started, it is crucial to have the assistance of an industry expert. ROYAL SPANISH is here to help you determine the main parameters of your ideal yacht, such as the type of vessel, length, navigation area, and number of guests on board, according to your needs.

Step 2. Selection of the design/engineering team:

To turn your dream into reality, we need to put it on paper. We will assist you in selecting the perfect team to translate your requirements into plans, detailed specifications, and other project documents. We will present various designers and naval architects with extensive experience in the type of vessel you are looking for, coordinating visits to those you deem relevant. We will work closely with you, guiding in defining the project alongside the selected team.

Step 3. Choice of the suitable shipyard for construction:

As crucial as the design is the place where your dream will take shape. Considering aspects such as experience in the specific type of vessel, the cost of the offer, and the delivery time, among others, at ROYAL SPANISH, we will offer our assistance in selecting the most suitable shipyard.

Step 4. Advice on the reception of the vessel:

Once sea trials are completed and the vessel is accepted according to the project parameters, we will advise you on the reception of your yacht, working closely with the technicians and lawyers involved in the project.

Step 5. Other services:

At ROYAL SPANISH, we offer a boutique and comprehensive service. For your peace of mind, we provide specialists in various fields that may be necessary, such as flagging your vessel, choosing the registration port according to your tax needs, transporting the vessel to any part of the world, and any other service you may require.

You can trust that no detail will escape us.

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Building a new yacht is an exciting yet complex process in which we are delighted to work alongside you from start to finish; from the initial conception of the yacht to its delivery. Feel free to give us a call: for our clients, the possibilities are endless.