Indian Ocean and South-East Asia

A destination for barefoot luxury, the Indian Ocean holds earthly paradises accessible only by sea, such as the Seychelles’ sculptural shores or the Maldives’ elegant resorts. Southeast Asia hosts a range of nations and a melting pot of cultures with vibrant architecture: Indonesia, with the world’s largest archipelago and its dazzling coral life, and Thailand, the site of unforgettable memories. In this part of the world, serenity blends with a sense of exuberant adventure.

An archipelagic country that stretches majestically over 5,120 kilometers from east to west and 1,760 kilometers from north to south, encompassing more than 17,000 islands. From uninhabited islands to lakes in volcanic craters, passing through unique cultures and stunning landscapes. This is a territory that can only be explored by boat, where your yacht will likely be the only sign of civilization for miles around.

Indonesia embraces both sides of the equator and forms the southern edge of the renowned Coral Triangle, home to the world’s greatest biodiversity. The Raja Ampat archipelago stands out as the most remote and acclaimed diving destination on the planet. Discover Indonesia uniquely: visit picturesque local villages, venture into lush jungles hiding secret waterfalls, or dive to explore pristine reefs teeming with fish and fascinating marine creatures. From the famous island of Bali to the mysterious Komodo Island National Park, Indonesia offers experiences that will leave a lasting impression.

Thailand invites you to immerse yourself in an exotic adventure experience like no other. Sailing through its islands, with extensive beaches of fine sand and tranquil lagoons of dazzling turquoise, will give you the opportunity to create unforgettable memories. Explore the golden temples that narrate ancient stories or dive into some of the best diving sites, such as the Similan and Surin Islands, where the majesty of leopard sharks, octopuses, and a kaleidoscopic marine life will captivate you. For those seeking tranquility, Koh Chang and Koh Samui offer two distinct perspectives, away from crowds and bustle, with exclusive anchorages under the warm tropical sun.

From the east coast of Phuket, lined with palm trees, sail to the fascinating Phang Nga Bay, where imposing limestone formations rise from the waters of a sapphire blue. Make a stop at the Emerald Cave on your way to Krabi, where you can disembark at the lively night market, full of bars and a wide variety of restaurants offering fascinating and unusual culinary proposals.

Maldives, a must-visit destination for lovers of barefoot luxury, offers a lifestyle free from everyday worries, where the most challenging question is whether the beach stretching behind you is more beautiful than the one in front of you. With an area of over 107,500 square kilometers, the Maldives holds the title of being the lowest country in the world, with an altitude of just one to three meters above sea level.

This paradise is distinguished by its stunning landscapes and rich cultural diversity, reflected in aspects ranging from music to boat building. Local music, often performed with the bodu-beru, a large drum similar to African percussion, provides a unique experience. Additionally, local boats, such as the dhoni, built by skilled craftsmen, bear striking similarities to the traditional Arab dhow.

For lovers of exploration and discovery, diving into the colorful coral reefs and gliding alongside manta rays and nurse sharks becomes a fascinating experience that elevates your visit.

Seychelles is a true paradise deserving of all beauty labels. Its tropical islands are renowned for their fine sandy beaches, giant palm trees, and granite rocks polished by the relentless waves of the Indian Ocean. Lined with lush green takamaka trees casting shadows over the soft white sand, these islands offer stunning landscapes, relaxing environments, and numerous opportunities to immerse yourself in the reefs.

Explore the most photographed landscape of Seychelles on St. Pierre Island or stroll through the fragrant vanilla plantations at L’Union Estate on La Digue, one of the most beautiful islands in the region. Swim with majestic giant tortoises, observe exotic birds on Aride Island, or delight your senses with a starlit dinner on the beach of Silhouette Island. Every corner of these islands embodies the very essence of a tropical paradise, inviting you to experience an unparalleled journey.

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